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The Duramax Diesel engine will allow for much more reliability then the stock gas engine for mission critical situations. Additionally, the diesel far outperforms the gas engine with performance by safely increasing torque output by over 100%. Fuel economy is also greatly increased giving the operator longer operation between refills. When safety is paramount, the only choice is a Predator Duramax Suburban for your armoring need.

The Duramax Power Train conversion begins by removing the OEM engine and replacing the OEM setup with a Duramax 6.6L Engine. The turbo setup on these engines utilize a Garrett VVT (variable vane turbocharger) and air-to-air intercooler allowing instant boost with minimal turbo lag throughout the entire power band.

All factory options can be fully functional and seamlessly working after the conversion. All drive train components are GM utilized components offering easy repair and sourcing of parts throughout the world if necessary.

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The Salvage Guys specialize in quality used parts.  From domestic, to exotic, to Duramax run pallets for swaps – we are your one-stop place!

We specialize in the recycling of many makes and models of cars.  From Ferraris to Mustangs, and from headlights to full engine run pallets – we are likely to have the parts you are looking for.  Our inventory is changing daily and we do take part requests if you don’t see what you need on our store.

We are constantly on the lookout for great cars to recycle to provide you with the best quality used parts on the market.

Our team of professionals takes the time to properly disassemble and label each part so you can easily install them into your vehicle or customer’s car.

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